Writing can be one of the most fulfilling hobbies if you like the idea of being a wordsmith. A lucky few are able to convert this passion into a career. Though not everyone can be a successful author, it is possible to pursue a career in writing if you are willing to work towards it. In this article, we will give a brief outline of the steps to take if you wish to become a successful writer.

  1. What is your niche?

It is always best to write about your passion. So, figure out which area/niche you would like to write. This allows you to focus your creative energy on ideas to write rather than spend days researching about things that do not interest you.

  1. Plan your writing

There are two parts to planning. First, you need a time plan that specifies how many hours you will write in a week. Divide your weekly hours into research and writing time. Ideally, your research happens first and then you write. In case a topic bogs you down, schedule it for next available research time and move to the next one.

The second part is to plan your content. Staring at a blank screen or paper will not get your creative juices flowing. Create a diagram of keywords related to your niche. See how they connect with each other and use that link to prepare a provisional table of content. Use this as your guidewire when you start writing. This allows you to chunk down and write about one idea at a time.

  1. Develop discipline

This is the biggest key to writing. Thousands of incomplete manuscripts are collecting dust all over the world because the writer lacked discipline. Stick to your plan and pen one idea at a time and weave it into a book.

Although this is a simple outline, it is a very powerful method to become a successful author.